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Evaporative Air Conditioner Service Adelaide

Scheduled maintenance is essential for Evaporative Air Conditioning.

We recommend annual maintenance, not only to reduce the possibility of water borne bacteria but also to reduce running costs and prolong system life span. Maintenance also reduces the chance of inconvenient break downs in summer.

From $200.00 +GST

A typical Evaporative Air Conditioner Service takes approximately 90 minutes and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Complete Safe Work Method Statement
  • Record model and serial numbers for data base
  • Drain unit and clean water sump and water distribution
  • Clean filter pads and assess condition
  • Test pump operation and clean basket filter
  • Adjust Vee belt tension and pulley alignment
  • Grease bearings and shaft and check for wear
  • Test fan speeds and measure motor current
  • Test operation of inlet and drain solenoids
  • Test and clean float assembly and set water level
  • Inspect all flashings and clear rear of dropper
  • Inspect all duct work, dropper and components
  • Add easy dose capsule to bleed off systems
  • Set Bleed Off And Observe System
  • Complete Written Service Report

Any components requiring repairs or replacement will be quoted and charged accordingly.

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